Cosmetic Dermatology

Chemical Peeling

 In This procedure we are doing chemical peeling by using various acids
Like Glycolic acid, TCA, lactic acid, salicylic acid etc. From all of them we are using Glycolic acid for maximum cases.

Glycolic Peeling





For this procedure we are using glycolic kit from U.S.A. Neostrata.

We begin with 20% and rising concentration and minutes at regular intervals.

By glycolic peeling we can achieve 2-3 micron layer peeling in 1 sitting.

6 to 8 sittings required every week interval in this treatment.





3.hyper pigmentation of any kind

4.acne scars( combination with Microdermabration)

5.facial glow

this procedure is relatively safe but in case of deep peeling there may be some erythema for 2-3 days or may have some hyper pigmentation for 2-3 days which will recur but require strict sun protection.


This is a painless procedure and requires no anesthesia.This can be done in following


 (1) Small wrinkle on face due to old age or sunlight.

 (2) Rough, dull skin on face. 

 (3) Pimples and its pigmentation.

 (4) Pigmentation on skin.

 (5) Acne Scars.                                                     


 There are 2 mechanisms used in this procedure.                

 (1)   Pressure jet (blow crystals) (2) Suction                                   

 Facial Glow, Skin Polishing, ACNE & Acne Scar Treatment, Facial Pigments Treatment.



Figure:- Epidermis is superficial layer which is having 4 layers of cells. Skin has 2 Layers - (1) DERMIS  (2) EPIDERMIS

(1)basal layer,(2)spinous layer,(3)granular layer,(4)corneocytes(dead cell layer),

The pressure jet targets the dead layer of the skin (Stratum Corniun) with (100 micron size)

crystals of Aluminum Oxide (AL2O3) which drag the dead material & other impurities along

with it into the suction, leaving nonfragmented, smooth, shining skin.

The procedure in this centre is carried out by the machine - REVIDERM from GERMANY

(the first in Ahmedabad) and again approved by USFDA & successfully used worldwide.           

The procedure has no adverse reactions, is painless and requires no injections or anesthesia.


Treatment for Dark Circles Around Eyes

(Acugel Treatment)   Causes of dark circles



3.Chronic illness

Due to above mention causes blood circulation around eye diminished, which leads to dark eye circle.


 Botox injections can be used to remove unwanted wrinkle on face & forehead. Botulinum toxins 
  are neuroparalytic medicine which when injected to specific muscle will paralyze that particular 
  muscle. Due to this paralytic effect muscle function will disturbed. This will lead to removal of 
  wrinkles (frontal, glabelar) of face. This treatment is effective for 6 to 8 months then repeat 
  treatment is required.

 For Facial Ridges and Wrinkles like Crow's Feet, Forehead Wrinkles etc.


 These injections are used to eliminate deeper spots & wrinkle (Nasolabialfolds) on the facial  

 skin. There are 2 types of materials available.

 1.temporary which last for 68 months.

 2.long lasting may last for 10 yrs.


Reshaping Skin

 Skiti ghtening & Contouring



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